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Allison Florence is an artistically inclined individual working out of Chicago, IL. Their art is fundamentally political, dealing formally with notions of craft, structure, power dynamics, and materiality. Their beliefs are rooted in an upheaval of economic structure and hierarchical relationships, making us question what determines worth and meaning.

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In my practice, I respond formally and conceptually to the environment where I am working. I respond to the architecture of a space, understanding where areas of openness and condensation lead the eye and further, the body. I also respond to the materials available to me, creating marks and motifs to emphasize or distract from the material’s nature. As an intuitive artist, my identities and own life experiences deeply inform my artwork. I hope to bring about thoughts of depersonalization, or discomfort in one’s own body; an attempt to visualize the distortion of my body as “mine,” not “me.”


In my current project I am piecing stiffened slices of burlap, adhered together by thin, wheat-pasted layers of drawing paper. While I shape these cuts of material into a corner in the wall I’m thinking about the juxtaposition between flatness and flesh, whereas with bodily forms, you rarely get a perfect 90 degree angle. In my process of assemblage, I intend to bring about ideas of desire, expansion, tacticality and presence. To help move along these other ideas I use materials to make the sculpture a drawing, like graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolors and gouache.

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